Pre-Order your ACL 150 ultimate laser cutting & engraving machine NOW!

Starting from £6450+vat your laser machine can be configured with further options such as up/down bed, honeycombe or blade bed or both, auto-focus, rotary attachment, different tube powers upto 180w, option to cut metal, oxygen feed, laser marking machines.

At AC Laser Machines we order 10 standard machines every 45 days, due to restrictions on space in our 2500ft warehouse. Also with our machines being in high demand we usually sell between 7 and 8 machines before they even arrive in the country. 

Pre-ordering this way ensures we get competitive prices before prices go up, due to higher shipping costs and container port arrival fees.

November delivery Fully SOLD out!

December delivery Fully SOLD out!

January delivery machines available contact us to Pre-Order Now!

AC Laser

Simply leave us a message below asking whether you want to reserve a standard flatbed or whether you need something different.

Tell us what your requirements are, from our standard Co2 lasers,  to laser marking machines, metal cutting lasers, rotary cnc machines, channel letter bending machines etc.

To reserve a machine we require a 50% deposit+vat and the remainder due when the machine arrives in the UK port of destination and the VAT and import duty are due.