Service & Installation

At ACL we don’t believe you should run before you walk, buying and using a laser can be a complex task until you get used to it, that’s why we provide a service and installation package.
You can see one of our machines in use every day in another business of ours, cutting acrylic for letters, cardboard for templates, engraving and lots more and your welcome to come and use it, learn how to setup the machine for different materials, learn the software interface, and take on board safety aspects that need to be in place to use a high power Co2 laser machine.
Contact us for more details and availability.

PM Service Contracts

Annual PM Service Contracts are available from £1300+vat these include 2 preventative maintenance services, 10% off parts and 20% off call out and travel charges, should you have an emergency. they give unlimited telephone support, and software support.

Spare Parts

To support our customers who have invested in one of our laser cutters, we stock a range of common parts and accessories so that in the unlikely event that a machine breaks down we can get you up and running quickly from our stock of UK parts.


As you get more familiar with your machine and expand the range of items you produce we have a range of accessories to expand your creativity.


Installation is free and comes with every new laser machine, this includes setup of the software onto your PC, setup and service of the new laser, including chiller, pumps, distilled and de-ironized water, silver coil insert, installation and calibration of CCTV Camera, setup of software limits, familiarization, and up to 4 hours of tuition to get you up and running.
Delivery is free within 50 miles radius of of our premises in Wigan, after that delivery is £1.00 per mile.


Having sold and installed your machine, we can also offer short familiarisation training sessions to get you up and running and earning money from your laser cutter in the shortest possible time.


Designed for sign makers by sign makers

We are sign makers at heart, and still produce all manner of signs and graphics, and use our machines every day.
Getting to know one and its foibles can be a daunting task, but with us on your side providing a backup service when needed, and our helpful support & advice team, we think you will make a wise choice when buying your laser from us.
If you need more information or to see one of our lasers in action give us a call to make an appointment.